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Surviving the COVID

During these difficult times, remember we are here for each other. Please reach out if you need help. Look into all the programs, grants and loans available in your state. Every state, and practically every county has a COVID page now.

Make sure you file for unemployment if you were laid off or let go. Make sure you tell your landlord MUCH sooner than later if you will have trouble paying rent,

Remember the current Montana Governors order prevents late fees or evictions for non payment of rent only until May 24th. If you have not paid your past due balance at that time your landlord will be able to charge late fees and begin evictions for non payment, so get your rent caught up as quickly as possible. You must also communicate your issues to your landlord, that is actually part of the directive from the Governor, a tenant failing to do their part is not the landlords fault.

There are programs for home owners, renters, employers, employees and businesses. Don't give up hope, ask your friends, search the web and Facebook until you find a program that you qualify for.

We can get through this together.

Photo Credit M. Wade Walker


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