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Montana Winter

In a blink of an eye the leaves go from green to yellow and red then, before we know it there is snow on the ground and it is winter yet again. There are some things renters and homeowners should do to prepare their home for the cold winter weather.

  • Check the gutters

Prevent ice damns by clearing out the gutters.

  • Protect the pipes

Insulate the pipes that are susceptible to freezing.

  • Seal the cracks

Put caulk over holes and openings to prevent cold air seeping in.

  • Stop the slips

Keep driveway and sidewalks clear of ice.

  • Install an emergency release

Consider installing an emergency pressure relief valve in your plumbing system.

  • Keep it cozy

Make sure the thermostat is at least 65 degrees if not warmer.

  • Have heating checked

Have furnace, boilers, and chimneys serviced.

  • Test the detectors

Make sure smoke detectors work properly to help prevent a residential fire.

  • Clear the yard

Trim trees and clear yard of branches so the snow and wind do not damage the home.

  • Roll up the hose

Drain all hoses, roll them up, and store them for the winter.


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