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Winter, round two.

Everyone knows winter in Montana is a recurring theme. One week we have beautiful Spring weather, and the next it is 25 below. Here are a few tips to help prevent winter catastrophes in your home:

-Make sure to leave your heat set NO lower than 55 degrees, the warmer the better!

-If your faucets run along an exterior wall- keep them dripping with cold water, and leave open any surrounding cabinets.

-Make sure the weather stripping on your exterior doors is intact.

-Closing curtains and blinds can help to reduce cold air flow from windows.

Remember while driving, that these roads are not for the faint of heart!

-Have a few snacks, flashlights, and bottles of water stashed in your vehicle in case of emergency.

-Store an electric blanket that plugs into the power adapter of your car.

-Carry jumper cables.

-Check the air pressure in your tires and inspect your spare!

While you are "weathering the storms" we wish you and your loved ones health and happiness!


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