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Tourists Welcome to Montana!

Tourist season is about to begin. Here are some things to remember when visiting Montana.

1. If you don't like the weather, drive 15 miles or wait 15 minutes. Bring a jacket, shorts, tshirts, pants and long sleeve shirts. Hats are good too, but they might blow away on certain days.

2. This is wildlife country, be courteous to the wildlife, do not approach, they prefer to have their pictures taken from a distance and do not like selfies under any circumstances.

3. Stay at least 100 ft away from any bison you see, they are fast (and don't like tourists getting close)!

4. This is BEAR country, do not hike alone, carry bear spray, make noise as your hike, a startled bear attacks, one that hears you coming, hides. If you go camping, do not leave open food containers, bears can smell very well and you don't want to attract unwanted visits.

5. Montana does have rattlesnakes and a few others, be cautious when hiking in rocky areas.

6. Enjoy the beautiful scenery find great hikes at

7. We have many hot springs in the state, take a look at Montana Hot Springs on Facebook.

8. If you go fishing, you MUST have a fishing license, many gas stations sell these.

9. Summer is Rodeo season in Montana, there is one somewhere almost every weekend!

10. Enjoy!

(photo credit unknown)


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